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Anthony Plant served in the 7th Maine Infantry Volunteers  (Union Army).  Some of the Soldiers posing in front on their tent are Penobscot Indians. Scott Hann collection, U.S. Army Military History Institute.  ADDITIONAL PHOTOS PENDING.  Enlisted as Antonie Plant.  Was wounded and captured at james River on June 30, 1862.  Confined at Richmond, Virginia on July 13, 1862 and was admitted to a hospital at Savage Station, Virginia with a wound in the leg.  On August 3, 1862, he was exchanged for a prisoner from City Point, Virginia.  Returning to Maine, he was discharged in May 1863 and received a pension. Family portraits removed from wall frames, in need of restoration, William Franklin Plant and Margaret Viola Dobbins.  William and Margeret's family album to be posted on this site in summmer of 2006.
Tanglewood, Plant family summer and winter recreation residence on Lake Winnipasaukee
Newton, Mass., William and Margaret's family residence

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