Nicolas Plante
Nicolas Plante was born in the year 1587 in St Pierre De Laleu, La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France. d: 21 May 1647 Laleu, Charente Maritime, France)

In 1620, he the town of La Rochelle, Aunis, Charente-Maritime, France, her married Isabelle (Élisabeth) Chauvin (b: 1601 Laleu, La Rochelle, Charente Maritime, France d: 14 Feb. 1646 Laleu, Charente Maritime, France).  Isabelle's parents were Jean Chauvin and Marie Melrose.

They had three children: Jean Plante (b: 1622 La Rochelle, Charente Maritime, France d: 29 Mar 1706 Chateau, Richer, Montmorency, QC, Canada), Marie Plante (b: and d: unk, was married in 1658, St. Maurice, Charente Maritime, France), and Jacques Plante (b: 1642, Laleu, Charente Maritime, France d: 28 Sep. 1652 Laleu, Charente Maritime, France).

Nicholas died on May 21, 1647 in Laleu, Charente Maritime, France.

Nicolas' son Jean, would become a pioneer in the settlement of New France, Quebec, Canada.  Jean returned for a short visit to his parents home in1664, until the spring of 1665, probably to settle the family estate.

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