Jean Guilluame Plante
Pierre and Marie Catherine Plante announce the birth of thier son, Jean Guillame, on Christmas Day, 1773
Jean Guilluame Plante, son of Pierre and Marie Catherine (Chartier) Plante, was born December 25, 1773 in Saint Michel De La Dur, Belle Chasse, QC, Canada.

He married Marie Victorie Betil (b: 3 Sep. 1778 St-Michel De La Dur, Bellechasse, QC, Canada d: 28 Jan 1850 Ste-Luce, Rimouski, QC, CA) in St. Michel De La Dur, Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada on September 23, 1794.

Jean and Marie had 19 Children: Jean Babtiste Plante, Jean Marie Plante, Francois Plante, Pierre Plante, Marie Victore Plante, Benjamin Plante, Catherine Plante, Michel Plante, Marie Plante, Josephte Plante, Louis Plante, Antoine Plante, Jean Laurent Plante, Phillipe Plant, Maglorie Plante, Thomas Cole Plant, Esther Plante, Francoise Plante, Rose Plante.

Jean Guilluam Plante died on September 18, 1851 in Ste-Flavie, Rimouski,QC, Canada.

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