William Franklin Plant
William Franklin Plant, son of Anthony and Sophie (Rodrigue) Plant, was born on August 22, 1862, in Bath, Maine.

Thomas G. and William F. Plant
(son's of Anthony and Sophie Plant).

William married Margaret Viola Dobbins (b: June 1, 1866 Lynn, Essex, MA, USA  d: Jan 23, 1933, Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME, USA) on January 18, 1886 in Newton, Massachusetts.

Margaret Viola (Dobbins) Plant, wife
of William Plant, in her home at
Wheaton Place, Ossippe.

William and Margaret lived at Wheaton Place, Ossipee; Newton, Massachusetts; Lynn, Massachusetts, Moutonborough, New Hampshire (Lake Winnipesaukee); and 510 N. Roxberry Dr., Beverly Hills, California (1930 Census exhibits Margaret (wife), Amy E. (daughter) and William F., Jr. and Margaret, (nephew and niece) living at his residence during this time).

William and Margaret Plant's home in Newton, Mass.

William and Margaret had four children, Everett Dunbar (b: Aug. 16, 1893, Lynn, Massachusetts d: Nov. 10, 1968, Manchester, New Hampshire), Thomas Corey Plant (b: Dec 1, 1890 d: 1970 Bath, Maine) , William Franklin Plant, Jr. (b: Feb. 17, 1889, Lynn, Massachusetts d: Jan 3, 1953, Bishop, California), Amy Elizabeth Plant (b: Oct. 17, 1886, Hollywood, California).

Margaret and William Plant's home in Tanglewood, Moutonborough, New Hampshire

Both he and his brother worked hard while his father, Anthony, was serving in the Civil War.  When his father returned (an exchanged POW and suffering a leg wound), they were taken on a journey back to Virginia, retracing with their father, his military routes.  The three returned with an extraordinary amount of capitol.  Enough moneys for his father to purchase farms, land and begin a stage line.  Neither he, nor this brother Thomas, wanted anything to do with this sudden found wealth, and both went on their own to seek employment.

One of the Plant Brother Shoe Manufacturing plants.  This plant was located in Jamaica Plain, Mass.

William would become an inventor, and the co-owner of Plant Bros. Shoe Manufacturing.  He also invested moneys with his brother Thomas G. Plant, and dabbled in many other family businesses, to include investing heavily in Russian bonds and sugar.  Both he, and his brother, lost their fortunes as Russian bonds became worthless after the throw of Czar Nicholas II, and the war plummeted the value of sugar investments.

Living room in Tanglewood, prior to remodeling and Tanglewood in the winter.

He loved fishing, automobiling,  travel, golf, and exotic pets.

William Franklin Plant with his pet, "General," and William with
his "catch for the day."  The Plant's had many exotic pets, including
a bear.

Margaret and William settled down to a quiet life in Beverly Hills, California.  They took care of thier daughter, Amy Elisabeth and her two children, after her divorce from Edward Van Tassel (she later changed her children, William and Margaret, last namethrough court, back to Plant.

William died on Apr 18, 1934 in Meriltonboro, New Hampshire.  He is interned at Oak Grove Cemetery, Bath, Maine, with his wife, Margaret (Dobbins) Plant, his father, mother, and brother.

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