Everett Dunbar Plant
Everett Dunbar Plant, son of William Franklin and Margaret (Dobbins) Plant, was born on August 16, 1893, Lynn, Massachusetts

Everett Dunbar Plant served in the U.S. Navy during WWI, aboard the USS Magnet.

He married Phyllis Magda McQuire on Mar 23, 1914 in Washington, D.C.  Phyliss was a Plant Bros. shoe factory clerk, b: May 27, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts d: Oct. 30, 1921).  Phyllis and Evertt had one child, Everett Dunbar, Jr. (b: Jan 26, 1915 d: Nov. 11, 1915 with Internment in Wolfboro, New Hampshire).

Following Phyliss' death, Everett Dunbar remarried Rossetta Marjorie Evirs (b: Mar 5, 1903, Manchester, New Hampshire) on May 28, 1923, in Newton, Massachuchetts.

Everett and Rossetta had three children, William Franklin Plant (b: Aug. 5, 1924 Keene, New Hampshire d: 199, Homer, Alaska) , Marjorie Amy Plant (b May 9, 1926, Miami, Florida d: Dec 24, 1939 Manchester, New Hampshire) and Everett Evirs (living).

Phyllis died on February 10, 1936, in Bishop, California with internment: at Pioneer Cemetery, Bishop, California.

He remarried Rossetta's sister (third marriage), Margaret Theresa Evirs-Richards.  (b:  d: ) Margaret brought to the marriage two children, Jeanne and Peggy Richards.  Margaret and Everett later divorced.

He toured the U.S. with his friend Cpt. Harry Stephens, mining tungsten in Death Valley, starting a construction company for Key West Bridge foundation, and worked as an electric company engineer.

Everett loved photography, fishing, travel, and enjoyed visiting his two son's children.  His grandchildren were constantly relocating with thier families throughout New England, Alaska, California and Florida.

Everett Dunbar Plant died on November 10, 1968, after hospitalization in Manchester, New Hampshire,  He was interned at Wolfboro, New Hampshire, along with his daughter, Marjorie Amy Plant.

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